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scroll area help

Started by hreintke, May 16, 2012, 02:57:46 PM

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I am learning simutrans, both playing and the source code. Making something visible is not (at least until now) the easiest part to understand. Especially the information with a scrollbarfield.  Is the some additional documentation/example which shows the way a scrollable field is filled with data ?

Any help appreciated.



Do you have in mind to work on the code of a certain window?

Windows that have scrollable lists:

gui/schedule_list.* (Line management)
gui/depot_frame.* (Depot)

The list of selectable lines is filled in depot_frame_t::update_data() around line 880 in
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Probalby most straig forward is the use of scrollpanes in the various list windows. There are list of objects, which are drawn which an internal offset and a clipping region. Most easiest is probably the message list.