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Aircraft hangar
« on: September 07, 2013, 04:37:35 AM »
I noticed while playing the server game that there wasn't any aircraft hangars available to be built.  Checking the .DAT files for hangars for pak128.Britain-Ex I see that the latest hangar expires in 1977 and no new hangar choice is available.  The regular pak128.Britain has its hangar still available after that so it seems to just apply to the Experimental version.  Perhaps just tweaking the .DAT to remove the expiry date would be best?  Or maybe I'm overlooking something?

[EDIT] It's commented out in the .DAT file with # but I don't see it in the game when I play it.

[EDIT2] I recompiled the depots .pak file and it works fine now.  The 0.9.0-Ex version must've compiled with it turned off (or maybe it was already spotted and fixed and I didn't see any comments about it).

[EDIT3] And now I see the thread discussing it... searched for "hangar" and not "depot".  Disregard this.  Upon making the change on my end, however, I cannot connect to the server due to a pakfile mismatch.  I'll revert for now :)
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