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Author Topic: Sorting/Filtering in build-citybuilding-dialog  (Read 1623 times)

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Sorting/Filtering in build-citybuilding-dialog
« on: December 09, 2017, 07:31:03 PM »
The build-citybuilding-dialog sorts all entries in two different ways. In the "translated"-tab, it's always sorted by the translated name, while the "object" tab is sorted by level first, and then by name. This behaviour does not strike me as useful and causes me to switch to albanian when writing text on the simutranslator, since it's the only way to get them in alphabetical order of the object's name. The dialog is probably not the most used one, but the sheer amount of entries alone makes proper sorting and filtering seem like a good idea.

Eg. by climate - here was a similar request about that. Appearently, it is important for players not to accidentially place a building of the wrong climate, hence it's not usually possible - yet there is no way of even knowing which climates are appropriate for each building.

I'd wish for sorting and filtering in that dialog akin to lists - eg. station list and vehicle list. This would require four buttons in the dialog, two for sorting (criteria and ascending/descending) and two for filtering (on-off-switch and one to open the filter settings).

Sorting criterias could be name, object-name, level and perhaps spawn chance and introduction date.
Filter could be by time (past, current, future), climate (desert,...,arctic), type (res, com, ind), and cluster (numbers might need to be translatable).

This would also make the few filter options in the main window obsolete, and that area would be completely used for settings of how the building is to be placed (rotation, ignore climate - perhaps add "ignore timeline"), as well as that buildings description, which might get a few more information instead (climate, cluster, probability). And of course, the same would then be true for "build curiosity", "build factory" and, just for consistency, "build tree" and possibly in the future "build groundobject"