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New music for Simutrans (II)

Started by Phystam, September 03, 2018, 07:52:08 AM

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We Japanese community created more 4 tunes for Simutrans additionally!

47. Salty Breeze (Composer: RykSeb(硫化西部))
48. Techno-movement (Composer: RykSeb(硫化西部))
49. Where Thomassons Lie (Composer: Shingoushori(信号処理))
50. Last Sunday (Composer: RykSeb(硫化西部))

These tunes were created in order to be incorporated. But if you do not like any tunes, please exclude it (>_<)

How to use:
Unzip the attached file and put into your music/ directory. Then replace the file.


Thank you for the work.
I love no.50 the best  8)


I agree.  I like all four, number 50 the best, imho.  Although number 49 seems a little disturbing for a game to me.


Thank you for your comments!

About No.49 from composer:
This tune is a little bit avant-garde since it is BPM49, 7/16 beats and 7 x 7 bars.
If you feel that the tune is disturbing simutrans, please exclude it (>_<)


Added to Standard (but No49 commented out). Thanks for sahring!


Thank you, prissi! We are grateful.
We are currently creating new midis, so please be looking forward to them!

Some settings are misdescribed in "". No49 is "49-Where-Thomassons-Lie.mid" but it is described as "music/49-Last-Sunday.mid" in "", so No.49(Last sunday) is not played.


Hello, I' m Reti_N and active in the Simutrans community in Japan.

I'm the project leader of the new songs that have been added to Simutrans in the last few years.

I'm in charge of recruiting songs from number 43 to 53 and arranging the submitted songs.
I have asked Phystam to submit the song to the forum because my English is ultimately poor.

Please forgive me for writing this text as a translation by DeepL.


Where-Thomassons-Lie is a song we submitted from our project.
Originally, it was supposed to be the 49th song, but due to "commenting out" it ended up being number 50.

Our intended order is as follows

"I'll agree that "Where-Thomassons-Lie" is a very avant-garde song that was "commented out".
There was a debate within our project about whether or not to submit it.
In the end, I, as the leader of the project, decided to submit it.
I wanted to respect the author, Shingoushori.

As Roboron said, it's not a good idea to let comments out.
We are ready to add more music in the future.
We have several members writing music.
For the sake in the future of adding "Simusic", it should stop being commented out.

If you really don't like "Where-Thomassons-Lie (WTL)" at all, then it's ok to remove it. That's just the way it is.

"WTL" may or may not be loved by players, but I cannot judge whether or not it is loved by players.
"As the submitter of "WTL", I would argue that "don't delete it, remove the comments out".


I can move Snowy-Road back to the end of the list, but note by default, all the songs are played in random order.
As to Where-Thomassons-Lie, might need a vote or something on whether to "uncomment" in the distribution. With the file still there, but commented out, it is available if someone wishes...

I also see all these songs except Summer-Intersection and Where-Thomassons-Lie are GS. That can be problematic with GM soundfonts. I would highly suggest future submissions be restricted to GM, matching the existing Simutrans songs.