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Cursor misalignment

Started by wlindley, August 14, 2021, 12:48:11 PM

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Sometime in the past several weeks, the new builds have resulted in a misalignment of the cursor.  In this screenshot, the mouse cursor was at the location shown by the ✭ but the outlined (selected) tile is to the lower-left, and the highlighted-background icon is one "height level" above that.
Any idea what has gone wrong?  This is quite frustrating to use.


I must confess, I am having some trouble in reproducing this.
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I have the same issue. If you zoom in, the cursor will realign itself and zoom on where the cursor's suppose to be.


THat happens in standard as well. Unfortunately zooing out or moving the map slight ly resets this and makes it hard to reproduce.


0 - Starting at a zoom level with no issue.
1 - I zoom in. Cursor misaligned to the top.
2 - I zoom in again. Cursor misaligned to the top.
3 - I zoom in again. Now cursor is on the right place, but the outline is misaligned to the top (see image).
4 - I zoom in again (max zoom). Same as 3.

Moving the map does not fix it, I have to go back to 0. But it also happens to me that moving the cursor leaves artifacts on the terrain.


I also experience this, just as described by Roboron. Perhaps worth noting that I am using Linux, in case this is somehow OS-specific.
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So far, I've found that the bug happens on r9982 and up, but only when multi-threaded.


That was super helpful. Fixed in r10010. The width for the calculation needs to be the full display width, not the width of the stripe to be just shown.