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New Industry chain ideas!
« on: May 30, 2009, 12:28:49 PM »
Hello all,

I've come up with 2 industry chain ideas which need a few new buildings and vehicles and use current objects.
If anyone would like to make any suggestions or help out, that's fine.
I've yet to get around to doing the .dat files and the objects, but thought i'd put this time for scrutiny :D

Nuclear Power Chain

Uranium Mine -------------> Processing Plant/Power Plant
         After a certain amount of years (undetermined as so far), Fusion power is invented:
Power plant -------------------> Reprocessing Plant/Power Plant
         All the time nuclear waste is created at both types of power plant in 3 grades: Low,Medium and High radiation waste
Low Radiation Waste --------------------> Incinerator   (This is what happens in real life)
Medium Radiation Waste -----------------> Cement Factory
High Radiation Waste -------------------> Dried up mine , either a coal or iron mine, which from then cannot make coal/iron.

Graphics wise, the Uranium mine is a iron ore mine with a eerie green glow at nighttime and daytime,
the Processing/Power plant and Reprocessing plant will have to be decided, though probably based on a nuclear plant.

Several new vehicles would have to be created for this, being at the start only train and truck, for the sakes of reality, as Simutrans players are not terrorists and do not fly uranium around.......

Edit: I found a picture of a nuclear waste carriage in London

Electronic toy Chain

Not so sure about this one, haven't thought of any details yet.

Oil--------------->Refinery----------Plastic---------->Toy Factory
Coal+Iron--------------->Steel Mill---------Steel---------->Toy Factory (Not sure if steel is used in toys, but oh well)
Silicon Chips------------------>Electronics Factory
Toy Factory-----------Empty Toy-----------------> Electronics Factory
Electronics Factory---------Electronic Toy----------->Supermarket

For the toy movement, i'd propose using piece goods. Again, this would need 1 more building for a Toy factory, with perhaps a special fun looking carriage/van.

Edit: Something with balloons..

All the ideas i can think of as yet!
Any help would be appreciated,

(Making the graphics, I have no idea whatsoever so far of what to do, so if anyone who does make this kind of thing would be kind enough to tell me, that would be appreciated too!)


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Re: New Industry chain ideas!
« Reply #1 on: June 03, 2009, 05:57:02 PM »
I'm afraid the nuclear chain wouldn't make a good one. I mean, the amounts of fuel and waste are really minimal.(see below for details)
So basically a big chain that requires almost no transport. Besides I don't know if the fuel/waste is transported by private companies like normal cargo.

As for toys, I agree there could be a chain like that, except I would just use Plastic to make Toys. Eventually Plastic+small amount of Electronics or Plastic+Textiles. And I would skip the silicon chip, empty/electronic toys parts.

(don't read if uninterested in nuclear power efficiency issues)
According to this:
The energy of coal is around 6 MWh/t, while the energy of nuclear fuel is around 2000000 MWh/t
Let's assume similar efficiency of both coal and nuclear plants (both use the fuel to drive steam turbines, only heat source is different).

Now, the Coal Power plant will use 1000 ton of coal to produce X energy. Nuclear Power plant will use around 3kg of nuclear fuel to make X energy.
So.. to make the production consistent with existing power plant types, one truck across half map could probably handle nuclear fuel transport :)
And even at 1% usage of nuclear fuel, the one unit of nuclear fuel would have to be excessively light (~ 1kg?).

And of course the waste production couldn't exceed the fuel consumption in this case.

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Re: New Industry chain ideas!
« Reply #2 on: June 03, 2009, 06:31:36 PM »
So scrap the Nuclear waste project?

And the new toys project:

Plastic+Textiles+Electronics = Toy Factory
Toy Factory -----> Supermarket/Toy Shop
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Re: New Industry chain ideas!
« Reply #3 on: June 03, 2009, 09:35:30 PM »
I would "scrap" nuclear chain, as there would be realistically not enough to transport. Although stand-alone nuclear power plant could be made, that just produces power (in assumption, all the fuel and waste stuff is handled by power plant's own cars - as I said they wouldn't need much).

As for Toys, I would do more or less what you wrote. I would put 100% on plastic, 60-100% on textiles and maybe 10-20% on electronics. And yeah, they could be shipped to supermarket. You could also add an extra Toy Shop or something (with baloons :) ) that could also consume toys, and would be small (1x1?).