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Author Topic: Re: City growth influenced by stations coverage.  (Read 3350 times)

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Re: City growth influenced by stations coverage.
« on: February 28, 2010, 11:40:12 AM »
Ah, an expert! That's very good! You should know that Simutrans is open source, so feel free to implement it yourself! If it's good enough, the developers will undoubtedly incorporate your patch!

I would love to. The problem is that I'm currently overloaded with work at university due to my mastersthesis. (The beauty of playing simutrans is that you can have the game window minimized while you're doing your work and the game will keep running without much need of your atention ;D).

That's why I'm posting my ideas in case someone with time wants to work on them.

Maybe after my graduation I'll have some time to spend on this great game.

Hajo, I understand the memory issue you're presenting.
I don't know what efforts have been done to increase game performance.
Although I currently have simutrans on my laptop which is quite old by today's standarts. Single Core 1.83GHz, only 1G of memory and Intel graphic card with 128Mb of integrated memory and no dedicated memory. And, inspite of this old hardware configuration, I don't detect any lagging or other performance issues when playing, loading or saving games in simutrans either in pak64 and pak128. So I supose something was done about performance in the past years.

Dwachs, yes I'm only suggesting working with probability here and not complete city growth control.

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