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pak64.scifi Version 0.11 is out

Started by Sybill, June 22, 2012, 11:42:52 PM

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Here is my second release of pak64.scifi

pak64.scifi version 0.11 für Simutrans 111

What's new:

1. Depot and railway station for the tube rail, the track itself was modified slightly
2. Demo vehicle for the tube railway (to be improved)
3. Power line (not used yet due to lack of industry and power plants, it also has problems with crossing other way types)
4. Three new buildings
5. Minor fixes and modifications

In addition:

1. So far there are only one vehicle for each transport system.
2. There are no factories and power plants.
3. There are no airports and air planes.
4. So far there are only a few buildings and curiosities.
5. Some menu buttons are empty, serving as a place holder and will be created later. Some work, however, already (such as reforestation Forest).
6. Prices, costs, speeds etc. are purely arbitrary chosen or been taken directly from the templates, there is as yet no concept for it.
7. There are no translations, with the whole field "text" I have not been involved yet.
8. There is no sound or music.

Over the weekend I'll still be able to answer any questions, beginning next week I'll go on holiday for two weeks, no computer, no internet, only the sun (hopefully) beach and sea.


I like the environment. Green waters are nice. Vegetation too. Do you have any source of imagination?


are you sure you are not speaking about pak48.excentrique?
My waters are more yellow and I have only three plants yet.

My only imagination comes from various science fiction books, films and television shows. Do you know "Perry Rhodan"? There are a lot of very strange planets in the stories.


Speak of it yes, it looks yellow-ish. Unfortunately, I haven't got my self into reading sf novel. Just that I have hard time reading long stories in non native language. Will be reminding the name you mentioned.


I just had a quick look at this pak.

First of all.. well done on creating this project! You acheived quite alot to create something "different" as in "looks"  (although, that yellow sea and pink land is enough to make my eyes vomit.. if that could happen! lol.. but that just me...)

I encourage you to keep on creating. In fact I encourage anyone to create a pakset. So much that, the players have multiple choice of pakset they would feel comfortable playing with.

I give it 10/10 for acheivement, 10/10 for Concept design, and 4/10 for choice of colours! (lol sorry!)

I understand it is at the beginning stage of the project, so dont worry. My score will change when you release a more completed pak set.



good pak
but does not appear in the installer-online


First, thank you for downloading my pakset!

I can somehow understand your problem with my colours, but believe me, I had a hard time choosing them. I wanted a strange and alien look, so I avoided green and brown, blue or green water.
Most of the colours I tried were to dark in my opinion, so I ended up with the pastel colours I have now.
The yellow water may be a shocker at the first sight, but I liked it more the more I got used to it. The pink - maybe I will change this in the future, for the time being I recommend you to change your landscape settings to avoid the climate zone it is used for. ;)

I have nothing to do with the online installer. My pakset is not fully playable at the moment, so it's not an "official" pakset yet.


seems cool. But the yellow ocean, well, is counter-intuitive. Not a big deal. I did play 10 minutes to have an idea. I was surprised by the height of buildings, & was not seeing buses well. But, I did not play much, that's just a first look.


Could you please post a screenshot?

Escala Real...a blog about Simutrans in Spanish...


Sorry for my late answer, I was on holiday for two weeks, but here are some screenshots:

A coastal city, a city in the snow and a city by night.

(They are quite simple, because I don't have the time to play with my pakset very much.)



is good to know that these projects are in constant development


I made a simple bridge for the tube rail track. I wil make a better one in the future, but now the tube rail can be used on maps with rivers:


I made a signal for my tube rail, I'm not one hundred percent happy with it, but at the moment it's the best solution I can offer.
If someone has a problem with it or a better idea, please let me know.