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111.3.1 r5843 - Industry chains

Started by Antarctica, August 31, 2012, 10:31:38 AM

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I have two lumber camps, wood from both is sent to sawmill, from there are connections to two hardware stores.

Problem: Only the first of the hardware stores is supplied with boards. While it is full, none is supplied.

Only after I remove the connection to the first hardware store, the second one is supplied with boards.

Is this a bug or a feature?


Hard to say where is a problem. Based on your description, I think that both hardware stores (in which pakset - it may be part of way how to solve it) have contract with that sawmill.

I have these ideas:
1. Are both of them full (if no-one is supplied)?
2. Look for side connections - may be (and it is not rare) that there are (somewhere) some side contracts (beyond that the first store) - which drain boards from that other store.

Chybami se člověk učí - ale někteří lidé jsou nepoučitelní


Both hardware stores have contract with sawmill - it's the only contract they have, and they are the only contracts the sawmill has.

The full hardware store is the first contract of the sawmill, the completely empty hardware store is the second (and last) contract of the sawmill. No single board is ever transported to it - until I remove the connection to the first hardware store.

I built exactly two lines. First from lumberjack one to sawmill to hardware store one (and back to lumberjack one), and second from lumberjack two to sawmill to hardware store two (and back to lumberjack two).

Besides, I only have a coal line somewhere, and a passenger network (it's three independent networks).

It is weird.


Can you post the savegame?
There's been other reports of similar sounding behaviour, but I can't duplicate...


Done. It's Spiel0042.sve, and I added screenshot.



I assume the posted save is from "after I remove the connection" and that you did so by changing the stop to accept only passengers?
If not, that's all I see wrong. Station 'Xanten Baumarkt Betriebshof' @(138,130) isn't goods enabled. I added a goods platform and planks are delivered to both stores as expected.


Grmpf. I should have known it was just my fault.

I'm really sorry for being such an idiot and wasting your time.