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pak64.scifi Version 0.12

Started by Sybill, February 02, 2013, 06:08:47 PM

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Here is my new version of pak64.scifi for simutrans 112.1

Since the direct download function doesn't exist anymore, please use either the zip or the tar.gz archive. Both archives contain the same files.

Or use this for direkt download:
(thank you Yona-TYT, didn't thought of that)

What's new:

1. Bridge and signal for tube rail track, mandatory car sequence for tube rail
2. New vehicle from Saegge for powerbeam, mandatory car sequence for powerbeam
3. Parcel vehicle and parcel station for hoverroad, parcel wagon for tube rail, extension building for freight and parcel
4. Streetlist in english and german, extended citylist, and improved texts in english and german
5. Minor fixes and modifications

In addition:

1. So far there are only one vehicle for each transport system and goods type.
2. There are no factories and power plants.
3. There are no airports and air planes.
4. So far there are only a few buildings and curiosities.
5. Some menu buttons are empty, serving as a place holder and will be created later. Some work, however, already (such as reforestation Forest).
6. Prices, costs, speeds etc. are purely arbitrary chosen or been taken directly from the templates, there is as yet no concept for it.
7. There are no translations for other languages than english or german.
8. There is no sound or music.


I made a new city attraction, a place with a fountain.

You can see here how it looks:


I added it to the installer, which should give you much more downloads..

It would be great if you could format the zip file the same way as all other simutrans paks (although the installer can still work like it is now). This would mean "simutrans/pak64.scifi" as the folder where everything is. And if you put the version info into the copyright string of ground.outside.dat (copyright=pak64scifi V0.12) then the installer will automatically update the pak for everyone who has it already installed.

I took the liberty and changed the folder name and copyright text and put it on Sourceforge, sicne the installer does not like github at all.

copyright=pak64.SciFi V0.12
# hangtyp * animation


Here is a new monument for pak64.scifi.

The nice Menger sponge is a gift from Hajo, and you can see more of them in pak48.excentrique.