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A couple of issues in recent nightlies

Started by Bear789, February 19, 2013, 10:07:50 AM

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Since it seems that a new version is coming, I'd like to point out a couple of things that could be fixed.

- Tube tunnels are introduced in 1890, but there are no tube stations untill 1903. You can use any other station, but it looks weird.
- East Indiaman, Blackwell Frigate and the Clipper are not available anymore, nor in the old format, nor in the new basic hull version.
- Mr 480 Class is introduced in 1863 but uses Midland 156 class tender that is introduced in 1866.


Quote from: Bear789 on February 19, 2013, 10:07:50 AM
- Tube tunnels are introduced in 1890, but there are no tube stations untill 1903. You can use any other station, but it looks weird.

I think that it is now possible in Standard to have stations that can only be built underground, and to have stations that can only be built above ground - the .dat file parameters are the same as in Experimental. I suggest that this feature be implemented in the Standard version before the next release, too.
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This feature is already in current release of Standard (112.1).

The parameter in the dat file is


0: only above ground
1: only underground
2: both above ground and underground

Default value is 2 (for compatibility reasons of course).

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Good, I like that Standard is becoming increasingly more realistic.
However, I'd say that before forbidding the current stations to be built underground, the pack needs some underground heavy rail station in addition to the tube. It's needed for Crossrail or LU subsurface like services (And in case of subsurface, that means as early as 1863; maybe even earlier, I don't know if there is any mainline underground station older than the construction of the Metropolitan Railway) and also because of the scale of the map, a multiple level station is basically mandatory for big hubs. Since there are no alternatives, yet, I wouldn't make changes to the stations in the next release (except maybe forbidding tube stations above ground).

The Hood

The first and third of these should be fixed in the next nightly - thanks. For now I've made the underground station underground only but kept the others without constraints. In time, if we draw some subsurface stations for different eras then I will make the existing stations overground only.

The second issue is strange. All 192x192 boats are missing, but the makefile seems fine to me and the sources compile fine manually. I will ask wernieman to investigate.


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