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which powerline tunnel should I use?

Started by Sybill, April 17, 2013, 05:51:05 PM

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I made two versions of a powerline tunnel for my pakset, but I am unsure which one is the better. In pak64.scifi the powerline is a cable which brings some problems when crossing other ways. I made a bridge and now a tunnel to avoid those problems.

Version 1: the powerline tunnel is on the bottom of the slope, which looks more natural from the outside. But inside there is a gap between the tunnel portal and the powerline, because the tunnel portal does not cover the whole tile.

Version 2: the powerline tunnel is on the top of the slope and I defined a special underground powerline in the same height. It looks a lot better inside, but from the outside it may look a bit strange.

Please tell me, what version you would prefer.