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The Big InterCity Addon

Started by Flemmbrav, November 08, 2013, 04:20:32 PM

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It will bee complete, the big Intercity Addon for the Pak192.Comic!
Just enjoy the complete ICE family, the aktuell german InterCity Stock and Switzerlands Rabde 500!
I have used so much playercolor I can, if you want to use the original colors, use red as first and trikky-yellow as second player color!

Download it here:

or use this direkt download


- My code doesn't have bugs. It develops random features...


Very nice, anyway I wonder what is the most bottom train (white side, black roof and red stripes) and why the most top one hasn't any pantograph (a diesel ICE or something ?).


thanks a lot!

the train on top will bee the ICE-TD or BR 605, it is a Diesel ICE wich aktually operate between (Berlin) - Hamburg - Kopenhagen,
using the "Vogelfluglinie" or "Fugleflugtslinjen" ferry.
the most bottom Train is the Rabde 500 of the SBB CFF FFS , the train operates as ICN (and not as IC or ICE)


Hello Flemmbrav
The Trains on the photo looks very good out. :thumbsup:
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