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SRGC Brainstorming

Started by sdog, April 06, 2011, 01:07:50 AM

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mEGa, perhaps as a pro-challenge?


I have a different and funny idea, that merge maths and tourist attractions, called "Impossible buildings" related with famous mathematical figures like torus. A sample called Penrose Palace

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What a good idea ;)
You know, I mean, MC Escher, famous graphic artist....
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I'm not so keen of this kind of buildings in ST, as many wierd buildings are already out there (mostly in pak128) and I think we should strive more for realism than for fantasy...


The next competition should be about vehicles again.

My suggestion is to fill gaps in postal vehicles. My first thought were lorries, but rail, tram or maglev could also be considered. This depends very much on what is missing the most in pak-sets, could the pak set maintainers please comment on their needs.

The central aspect should be to identify in a pak set, and fill it with ones vehicle. A gap is when there is only one or less vehicles available at a time. If there are no gaps, extending the timeline on both ends is also possible.

This is just a first suggestion, i'll be open for your input.

With regard to the impossible buildings, i think this could be the next but one building contest -- if it there is consesus on it, fabio already mentioned some points of criticism. Before, this is after the next vehicle contest, we should do freight station extensions, there seemed quite some demand for that. (do you like the snow version twist we had last time, this could be dirty snow for freight stations.)


i should like to announce the next contest next week. Some feedback from the community and especially previous participants would be most welcome. Do you think the postal vehicle suggestion above is too complex?

It would also be very nice to hear from pak maintainers, if they can give a few suggestions for gaps in their timelines, or where they can be found. We should give participants some ideas where to put their effort.


If you decide for mail or postal vehicles, then specifying gaps would be nice.
Personally, I prefer the impossible buildings, but I do have an idea for mail vehicles. Most likely a Cessna or Dirigible
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my idea was to alternate contests between buildings and vehicles.

i should like to hear some pak maintainers' oppinions on the impossible buildings. It would be dissapointing if they were built, but not accepted in the paks.

Regardless of whether the impossible buildings might come, i think there is a general lack of humour in most paks, it became rather serious. I wouldn't think a blue police box standing in a backyard or a Fools Guild could hurt pak britain for example. (I'll let it to the brits to come up with original thoughts, i can only reproduce popular-culture.) I was quite amused when i started the game, when i read the descriptions of some pak128 buildings.


It was never really my intention to have humour as such on pakBritain. The funny buildings (and moreso descriptions) in some other paks didn't sit well with me. Partially because, seeing a humourous building once could make me chuckle, seeing it repeated 100 times across the map, not so much.


Kierongreen, I agree completely with you and Fabio.  Why not make the funny buildings an addon instead of part of a pak?

The Hood

For pak128.Britain I'd mostly agree with Kieron, although I'd add that a few subtle references to popular culture are more in keeping with the pak rather than the slightly zany descriptions in pak128. Then again some people have requested more humourous descriptions for buildings - maybe there could be two language files for that.

Back on the subject of the next SRGC, the pak128.Britain to-do list is here: - the comments are up to date. Then again it seems I'm the only major contributor to graphics at the minute, with Milko doing a few planes when he gets the time, so I'm not sure whether we should fit the contest to pak128.Britain's needs. If you want vehicles I could suggest pre 1940 planes?