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Started by Flemmbrav, April 01, 2014, 12:01:27 AM

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what about something new?
what about something else?
what about some inovations?

there are no useless things,
there are just the informations you need.

is anybody using this train?
- you don't even need a mouseklick for that!

want to know, which conection these buildings need?
just take a look at the size!
- of course, you don't even need a mouseklick for that!

what's my train? which of them are my tracks?
- I think, it's sure... don't even need a mouseklick for that!

we'll improve your game experience with a new, clean and clear gui.
- maybe the only one thing, you have to use your mouse ;)

and there is much more!

spezial thanks to Leartin, whithout him this won't be so nice as it seems.


Amazing work, this looks as a perfect pakset for fast play. Great job.


Pak tron finally came to live (if it would have a black background ...) Great idea (inspired by minimetro?)


He, WOW!

Fremmbrav, you've been faster than me. I planned something similar for next weekend. Yes, inspired by minimetro. : - )

Good work! Where is the download? Where are the sources? Is there anything more to do?

As the graphics are really simplified, I think supporting that project is easy as well.


Amazingly simple and refreshing!
Another beautiful day!

Desculpe-me quaisquer erros portugueses.  Sou só aprendiz.


Awww, the idea was to post it on April 1st to appear as a joke, since the graphics are so simple it could be just a mockup...

Quote from: rainer on April 01, 2014, 04:09:09 PM
Where is the download? Where are the sources? Is there anything more to do?

We are currently working with a shared DropBox between the two of us. I guess it would be appropriate to put it on sourceforge or something to make it available as soon as it is playable. (Those are ingame screenshots, but there are no goods-chains etc.)

I think there is still a long way to go. Especially because we plan to magnify the pakset to be available at 128 as well. The only difference between all the buildings, vehicles and stuff is the icon hovering over it, once there is the basis it is really easy to expand, so easy that I'm willing to create all Icons twice.
And, of course, there is no economy system yet. There are a few vague ideas how it should be, but we didn't expand upon it yet.


There is one abstract economy system from Gotthardlok (search on the german forum), where all industry are only blue squares (for pak64). It had high production rates, and the challenge was to supply enough (and not money).


It looks really good   :thumbsup:

Isaac Eiland-Hall

Oh, this is a fun and great idea! I look forward to kicking the tires on it. :)


Thank you verry much!

I'm quite sorry aboute answering so late...

Yes, it was a fools-day joke, but i think the pakset can have a chance.
Many of the things i've showed you are just mock-ups, but there are a lot of things which are working at all.

It would be nice to have some thing like a svn or a git, maybe my dropbox isn't best way to share the pakset sources.

But for one or two times that wuld be ok, so here we goes Download sources

I'm sorry about bad english I've hollidays and I really don't want to do things I've to do at scool ;)


Looks like a good idea for development/debugging purposes.
Just be good to each other.