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GeneRally & Soldat

Started by An_dz, April 08, 2014, 03:11:29 AM

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These are two of those old games like Simutrans that nowadays would be called an indie game. I've been playing them for years and now that they are working on GeneRally 2 I though it would be nice to share them. Both are Windows only but run nice on WINE. And they are not open-source, but they are free.


GeneRally is a 2001, 16bit, Finnish racing game. It's very simple, there's a track and you run across it, nothing more. You'll get it fast. The only not so easy to spot thing is choosing other tracks, just click where you read [Default Tracks].

Before trying the pre-alpha of version 2, I recommend playing the original game which is amazing and more complete and you can see how much it evolved on version 2.

Pre-alpha of version 2

If you want amazing tracks just download some from Track of the Month.


Soldat is a war game, a bloody war game, from 2001 as well, Polish. Soldat is a game that depicts war as it is: blood, corpses in piece, bullets coming everywhere and basically zero time to think. It would be an 18+ game if it was not for the detail that one soldier has 20px high.

The game has 7 match styles and 19 guns. 10 guns are primary and 4 are secondary, and you may choose one of each type every time you die to fight, you may also use your fists (or hit with the gun) to kill someone by just getting near someone and "shooting".

Just to show how insane the game is: for primary guns you have the Grenade Launcher "M79" and the rotary-barreled machine gun "XM214 Minigun", for secondary you have chainsaw and anti-tank "M72 LAW", you can throw knifes to kill and respawn time is around 5 seconds.

Just a tip, always add Boogie Man in the opposing team, you will love and hate him.