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A Monument for Alexander Brose - Happy Birthday

Started by Leartin, May 28, 2014, 08:45:27 PM

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As a birthday present, Alex gets his well-earned monument in pak192.comic, which was overdue ;)

Reproduction of a building-birthchamber, as it is used at the Alex Brose architectural company. Without him, many Simutanians would have no roof overhead.

Was made by Flemmbrav and will be in the next version, but impatient people can download it from his DropBox
Download from Flemmbravs DropBox


Bob Marley: No woman, no cry

Programmer: No user, no bugs


What am I looking at? @____@

Has Simutanians science evolved that much?



Another beautiful day!

Desculpe-me quaisquer erros portugueses.  Sou só aprendiz.

Alex. Brose

Isaac Eiland-Hall

Wonderful! Happy (belated) birthday, Alex! What a wonderful present. :)