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Clock Speed? My game clock is running very fast

Started by maanlicht, November 07, 2015, 02:46:45 PM

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Any1 noticed the game clock speed is very fast?

I looked in the simutab file and there is no bits_per_month setting, is this right?

I did try to add this setting with 18 but it made no difference to the clock speed.

Days go very quickly.

Any1 have an explanation.

Btw I am running simutrans under wine on a linux pc.

I find the 192 comic pakset brilliant, I play it all the time. Thank you to all involved in this ... you guys are the best !!!!



Should be in your file:

bits_per_month = xx

22 or 23 makes for a pretty slow game clock.

Ensure you're editing the file inside your pakset /config folder.
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Thanks for the reply Sarlock.

That's exactly what I did - No change to clock speed.

I also tried a diff pakset and that was the same fast clock so could it be the new version of Simutrans?

Simutrans 120.0 r7175 is the version I am running



I wonder... are you trying to change the speed on an existing saved game?  If so, you have to change it another way.

In your file in your pakset's config folder, in the section for dialog_tool entries, there will be one for 27 that is likely commented out with a #.

Change it to:


Or change ~ to any other key you want to bind to this command.

Now open back up your save game and press ~ (or whatever key you assigned) and you will get the settings menu.  You can change bits per month there.  Then, all you need to do is save the file, then reload it and it will start with the changed speed setting.
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Oh my, you are a genious ...... brilliant - it worked 1st time

Thank you so much.

Now I can enjoy my games as before

Cheers my friend



i have a similar problem, but i can't find the dialog box 27 in the anyone can help me?


i have a similar problem, but i can't find the dialog box 27 in the anyone can help me?
You manually add it to the file. The file is dynamically parsed when the pakset is loaded so it will detect the new "dialog_tool[27]=27,~" line in it next time you start the game and the pakset.