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how do you get to the source code?

Started by Tjoeker, May 29, 2016, 12:25:18 PM

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I'm willing to learn how to code for Simutrans.
But how do you get to the source code?
I've seen the files on github, but these are just bits and pieces of the script if I'm not mistaken?
I read somewhere i needed some kind of client so i downloaded TortoiseSVN, but I don't know what to do with this and now I'm completely stuck... :(

So I need a SVN file (or mutliple files) wich includes the entire code of simutrans?

I've found this wikipage:, but I'm stuck at step no. 1 (download) :p

many thanks to those who can clear things up for me! :)


The wiki lists the commands for doing stuff with plain SVN at the command line. For using the graphics frontend that is TortoiseSVN, check out the TortoiseSVN manual. Especially checking out a repository.

In addition, the wiki is not up-to-date with the new URL for the repository, which now is svn://, not svn://


PLease use the thread on compiling Simutrans on WIndows, which has the neccessary paths.