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Industry growth

Started by River, August 05, 2016, 03:07:26 PM

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I donno if i screwed up trying to make the pak playable or it was already there (it was so long ago) But i get a new industry chain or growth every month. It is way to much but what infuences this (version 11.35)

i already found:
# The following is disabled in experimental, which has a new system
# when a city reaches 2^n times of this number
# then a factory is extended, or a new factory chain is spawned
#industry_increase_every = 2000
# The preceding is disabled in experimental

beside this i found nothing to explain the rapid growth.


11.35 has a bug where cities grow too rapidly, as well as some bugs with industry construction as I recall. Those have since been fixed, at least temporarily.


oke, i didn't notice the same problem with the britan pak that is why i asked. Thanks!