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Changes to the smoke-parameter for buildings (and ideas around that)

Started by Leartin, January 23, 2017, 02:51:16 PM

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Quote from: prissi on March 28, 2020, 02:22:07 PM
If you can do it so the old is still intact, why not. But the offset is not in pixel anyway (unless you have 128 size).
I'll prepare a patch. (And in pixels it is for pak64 ;)

Btw how often is the git synced from svn ? I do not see the latest patches in git.


I hope final patch is here. The LEGACY_SMOKE_YOFFSET = -8 is now applied only to vehicle smoke and smokes defined the old way (no indexes). Indexed smokes have no default offsets. So you can simply measure the distance from top of chimney to the bottom of tile, i.e. SE corner, not (as I thought) from center of tile. Then measure the distance from the bottom of smoke to the bottom of tile, and subtract these two. Then divide by 2 for pak128, or by 3 for pak192, etc. That is the y-offset. (it is always negative). X-offset is measured from centre of tile, and can be +/- 32. Setting smokelift = 0 is good for debugging and checking if the offsets are correct.

I also used VEHICLE_STEPS_PER_TILE_SHIFT in instead of magic >> 8.

Here is video with the wind effect:


I love it ... This looks very beautiful!. <3

An off topic question, is it regarding the wheels of the vehicles, can they also use animations? It will be great for pak192.comic.

Cheers !.


Git is synchronised once a day I think. I have no corntrol over the git repro. But incorporated your changes in r8990, thank you.


Vladki, since you say it's final, would you mind writing a summary of all smoke parameters and what they do? Or perhaps provide a sample with all parameters in use?


Quote from: Vladki on March 31, 2020, 08:18:04 PMEvery puff starts at exactly the same spot. Randomized is the wind effect instead.
-Is the wind effect dependent on uplift? That is, the more a smoke moves upwards, the more it can move sideways? Or would even a smoke without uplift move to the sides?
-wind effect is only sideways, right? so it will not simulate wind to northwest by increasing  how high smoke rises, or wind to southeast by decreasing it?


Wind has no effect if uplift=0
It affects only x-offfset, so that means the wind blows from North-East. That is consistent with airplane takeoffs and landings.
X-offset is changed only when y-offset is changed, so the faster it goes up, the faster if would go sideways.

Uh... I just keeep wondering where my previos message was gone:,19714.0.html


Could you please stop discussing in this thread and start a new one in a place (like the techincal documentation where I moved your discussion). This here is considered a non active posting area, since nobody will look at search resilts here. So I will close here.