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Animated Vehicles

Started by Leartin, February 03, 2017, 03:37:34 PM

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Here is an update:

https://www.((Site not allowed - serves viruses))/download-12381876/

contains exe for simutrans/makeobj, and one pak/dat for an animated pedestrian by Leartin. I implemented now a parameter 'steps_per_frame', which controls the animation speed: for straight movement there are 256 steps per tile. Also animation will cross tile boundaries, as you can test by modifying steps_per_frame in the dat file.
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Wow animated stuff in simutrans finally come out finally:D



sorry for digging through the archives...

I tried to make this happen with a rail vehicle, but it doesn't seem to work.
Is there a way we could have this for rail vehicles as well?
I am aware of the train skipping frames being fast, I still would love to have this feature regardless.


Edit: adding to this: for the purposes I intend to use this, I'm expecting a very smooth animation more being limited with how detailed I'll draw it, rather than it being limited by the implementation in Simutrans.
I did some quick math with traveling time and wheel diameter on my recent steam loco, and it seems that there's plenty room to play with here.
Besides steam engines, this would add a lot to horses as well, which don't travel faster than our pedestrians anyways.


This is an old topic, but also very interesting 🙂 ;)