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pak128 2.8.1

Started by gauthier, October 03, 2018, 07:16:50 PM

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This release is focused on the recent addition of priority signals. There's nearly nothing more than that.

You need to upgrade Simutrans to 120.4.1 or later to run this release of pak128 !

pak128 2.8.1 (97 MB) for Simutrans 120.4.1 and higher

For those upgrading from a pak128 version prior to 2.7

IMPORTANT NOTE regarding length changes on some trams and monorails in 2.7: when loading a savegame which contains convoys of these vehicles with the new pak128, you may get a bug where these convoys remain stuck in place for no reason. For each of these convoys, click on the convoy to have its information window pop up, then click on "schedule" and close the schedule window. Thus, the convoys recomputes its schedule and it should fix the problem. This is due to the change in length of the convoy since the last time the savegame was saved.

For those upgrading from a pak128 version prior to 2.5.0

SHORT TUTORIAL for building bridges and tunnels with half heights.
Reminder: Pak128 before 2.5.0 and pak128 from 2.5.0 (including this one) are likely to be NOT compatible regarding half heights change.

changelog (2.8.1)
_ Fixed missing tram vehicle Citadis 302 Reims back

changelog (2.8)
_ Mapped "$" key to dialog tool 27 (open settings during a game, for experienced players)
_ Changed color of terrain grid to be visible underground (thanks to Uci)
_ Added priority signals for trains and monorails

Please report ANY bugs or suggestions, even if an object is just ugly to you


How bad it could not have finished the scenario tutorial ... it will be for the next one.


It's okay, 2.8 is a quick release to get priority signals in game as soon as possible  ;)


[EN] You need to update Simutrans to 120.4.1 or higher to start this version of pak128!

Unfortunately, it is clear that the Pak 120.4.1 is not that you know.

You have to get the Pak running for that. So something that is not working is now brought to a standstill!
I stay with my old one better !!! This works out !

But probably the same people who have still not noticed the climate change, so there are still around 5 coal-fired power stations, and even a new coal mine.
I can however announce that with me the hydrogen Pak runs from Japan. also the Solar.pak
Unfortunately, not everything is possible but trying out.
So for now the 120.4.1 died for me with the revision 8600

[DE] Sie müssen Simutrans auf 120.4.1 oder höher aktualisieren, um diese Version von pak128 zu starten!

Leider steht fest das das Pak 120.4.1 nicht geht das weiß man doch.

Dafür muß man nun das Pak darunter zum Laufen bringen. also etwas was nicht Funktioniert wird jetzt zum Stillstand gebracht !
Da bleibe ich besser bei meinem alten !!! Das geht !

Aber es werden wohl die selben Leute gemacht haben, die den Klimawandel immer noch nicht mitbekommen haben, deshalb gibt es immer noch rund 5 Kohlekraftwerke ja sogar eine neue Kohlegrube.
Ich kann jedoch vermelden das bei mir das Hydrogen Pak aus Japan läuft. ebenso das Solar.pak
Leider geht nicht alles aber Ausprobieren geht.
Also ist vorerst das 120.4.1 bei mir gestorben mit der Revision 8600


This is an international section so you have to post in English here, or at least provide an English translation along with the original German post.
My German is not so good and I don't get the point of your post.


He complains about the latest release only working under 120.4.1, since "everybody knows that doesn't work" (obviously a false statement), and then complains that there are still coal power plants and coal mines despite climate change, praising alternative energy solutions like solar power and hydrogen from other paksets.

So one of his problems is with the game, rather than the pakset, and has no place here anyway. The other is ridiculous given that Simutrans is a game mostly about the past, and coal power plants are buildt even today. Best case, you could consider it a wish for a hydrogen power plant, since your seven different solar power plants, the geothermal plant and the wind power station are clearly not enough for clean energy... ;)


Oh ... so, what Google translate told me was actually right.


[EN] He complains about the latest version, which works only under 120.4.1, because "everyone knows that does not work" (obviously a misstatement), and then he complains that coal power plants and coal mines still exist despite climate change Alternative energy praise solutions such as solar power and hydrogen from other package sets.

So one of his problems is more the game than the Pakset and has no place here anyway. The other is ridiculous, since Simutrans is mostly a game of the past and coal-fired power plants are still being built today. In the best case, it could be considered as a desire for a hydrogen power plant, since your seven different solar power plants, the geothermal plant and the wind power plant are clearly not sufficient for clean energy ...;)

[DE] Er beschwert sich über die neueste Version, die nur unter 120.4.1 funktioniert, da "jeder weiß, dass das nicht funktioniert" (offensichtlich eine falsche Aussage), und dann beklagt er sich, dass es trotz des Klimawandels immer noch Kohlekraftwerke und Kohlebergwerke gibt, die alternative Energie loben Lösungen wie Solarstrom und Wasserstoff aus anderen Paketsätzen.

Also ist eines seiner Probleme eher das Spiel als das Pakset und hat hier ohnehin keinen Platz. Das andere ist lächerlich, da Simutrans meistens ein Spiel der Vergangenheit ist und Kohlekraftwerke auch heute noch gebaut werden. Im besten Fall könnte man es als Wunsch nach einem Wasserstoffkraftwerk betrachten, da Ihre sieben verschiedenen Solarkraftwerke, die Geothermie-Anlage und das Windkraftwerk eindeutig nicht für saubere Energie ausreichen ...;)

[EN] I apologize that I have written only in German.

Have an English version attached!

[DE] Ich Entschuldige ich das ich nur in deutsch geschrieben habe.

Habe eine Englische Version beigelegt !

Isaac Eiland-Hall

As a reminder: Every board has a primary language that must be used. Any additional languages are optional. The primary language of that board must come first. Each language should be identified with its two letter code.

I'm going to moderate this thread and use Google Translate. If anyone whose message I end up edited would like to improve the automated translation, that'd be fine.

I apologize for my delay in enforcing this rule.

Hopefully all is well and friendly again. :)


[EN] You do understand those images refer to other paksets? Beside the czech one which was down, those error messages are warnings for a problem that already existed in prior versions, but wasn't really noticed, and only has an effect on online play. To say that the game wouldn't work is as smart as installing an antivirus on an infected system and blaming it for all the viruses that only appear after it was installed, never before...
Just continue by ESC, SPACE or BACKSPACE. It will stay that way until there are new pakset releases to clean that up.

[DE]Horst-Uwe, dir ist schon klar, dass alle von dir gezeigten Bilder andere Paksets betreffen? Abgesehen vom tschechischen, das wohl zu dem Zeitpunkt einfach nicht online war, sind die Fehlermeldungen im Spiel als Warnung zu verstehen - eine Warnung zu einem Problem, das bereits in früheren Versionen des Spiels existierte, aber keine Beachtung fand, und auch nur in Netzwerkspielen wirklich relevant ist. Die Behauptung, es würde nicht gehen, ist also ungefähr so schlau, wie auf einem verseuchten System einen Virenscanner zu installieren und sich dann zu beschweren, dass plötzlich Vieren da wären, ohne Virenscanner hätte es die nie gegeben...
"Continue by ESC, SPACE or BACKSPACE" heißt übrigens, dass du eine dieser Tasten (Abbruchtaste, Leertaste, Rückschritttaste) drücken sollst, um den Warnhinweis auszublenden. So wird das wohl bleiben, bis die jeweiligen Paksets eine neue Version ausgeben, in denen auf Doubletten geachtet wurde.


[EN] Hello Leartin
Since today the Pak 120.4.1 downloaded and it has been corrected so go now!
Then I try out many sets. I still have to do the 2.8.1
Have tried from Britain to take the big catamarans but not because these whl are from total Pak.
I play the version Pak128 v10.4.
But here is a picture of the bio and hydrogen power plant version Japan!
Not only the catamarans would be good, but also the big freighters. AN 124 and 225 are still coming to my home to NATO Air Port!
Should you think !!!
Thank you already
Listener aka UWE

[DE] Hallo Leartin
Seit Heute das Pak 120.4.1 herunter geladen und es wurde korigiert geht also jetzt!
Dann ich probiere viele Sets aus.die 2.8.1 muß ich noch machen
Habe Versucht aus Britain die großen Katamarane zu nehmen geht aber nicht da diese whl aus Gesamt Pak sind.
Ich spiele die Version Pak128 v10.4.
Aber hier ein Bild von dem Bio und Hydrogen Kraftwerk Version Japan !
Nicht nur die Katamarane wären gut auch die großen Frachtflugzeuge. AN 124 und 225 kommen immer noch in meine Heimat zum NATO Air Port !
Sollte man überlegen !!!
Danke jetzt schon
Lauscher alias UWE

Isaac Eiland-Hall

Please remember to post in English first in English language boards. Again, posting is mandatory in the board's language, first. Please use language tags to identify the languages.


Hello Leartin
Since today the Pak 120.4.1 has been downloaded and it has been corrected, let's go!
Then I try out many sets. I still have to do 2.8.1
I have tried to take the big catamarans from the UK, but not because they are from total Pak.
I play the version Pak128 v10.4.
But here is a picture of the bio and hydrogen power plant version Japan!
Not only the catamarans would be good, but also the big freighters. AN 124 and 225 are still coming to NATO Air Port!
Should you think !!!
Thanks in advance
Listener aka UWE


When will update for Simutrans 121.0?


Quote from: Woratiklis on February 17, 2020, 07:38:37 AMWhen will update for Simutrans 121.0?

Well, gauthier last posted about a year ago, so I wouldn't expect an updated anytime soon.
Plus, the most important thing about 121.0 in comparison to 120.4 is not pakset-related: GUI stuff, SDL2 support and asian fonts. That's not something a pakset could adapt for.
Multi-tile city-buildings are cool, but require a lot of work. Like each single one at least as much as 2 regular buildings. Don't expect a lot of them in any pakset soon (unless they are made by a Kobold).

So really, what you could expect from a release right now is a menu that includes the new merge-station-tool. If that's what you need, I can tell you how to get it in your current version.