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LNWR-54/57-ft-non-cor-lav capacity inconsistent

Started by Vladki, May 15, 2019, 12:42:38 AM

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I have noticed that the capacities do not match the descriptions:
LNWR-57ft-non-cor-lav-brake-front/rear have capacity 44, comfort 102, 5 compartment description
LNWR-57ft-non-cor-lav (composite) capacity 30+21, comfort 95/143, 6 compartment (3x7 + 3x10 ?)
LNWR-54ft-non-cor-lav-third capacity 44, comfort 99, 7 compartment
I find it weird that 7 compartment carriage of similar specs would have the same amount of seats as 5 compartment carriage. Wonder how the compartments were arranged...