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mrs (micro rail sim)

Started by anon666, December 25, 2019, 03:40:38 AM

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im currently working on a prototype game similar to openttd and simutrans
its also inspired by openstreetmap a lot

current features are:
- mixed 2d and 3d isometric graphics, mostly 3d is used for either vehicles or something with complex geometry (currently its roads and static terrain)
- buildings are pre-rendered sprites (some can be rotated, some not, each can have arbitrary number of images/angles [1..360])
- heightmaps support (terraforming is [wip])
- loading data from openstreetmap support, currently it is mostly road network (i want to have some hybrid road network/generator, not just grids, also an interesting feature: small cities (and their road networks) can be imported in the game entirely, that means some nice looking towns, it is all done automatically, player cannot change town's road network (like in openttd, it is generated automatically))
- fixed isometric camera, it has some zoom levels but it can't be rotated
- any geometry for road network, including any elevation. roads are 3d but static
- support for grid-based editing/building together with free-form modeling/editing, that means that part of your railroad can be build "traditionally" cell-by-cell (on the map's grid) and the other part(s) can be freeform, and both can be interconnected (!) that means both old-style cell-based modeling and new-style modeling is possible, even on a single track
- unlimited complexity of railnetwork
- kind of extendable, maybe even modable (currently i want to have some mod with different graphics "scale" - "real scale", i.e. everything is the same size, trains, buildings are have real-life like scale (its not very playable tho, default mode is about 1:1000 for vehicles/buildings))
- opensource and free (but repository needs some cleanup and work before it can be "opened", its too experimental and messy now and since there's no gui it is not really interesting for players)


i will post short videos when more features are working (if i will have time to finish it, maybe not too soon, not sure if anything will work as i want)


It will be interesting to see how this develops.
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Isaac Eiland-Hall

Definitely interested in updates on this project!