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Fix for pre-C++11 compilers

Started by ceeac, March 11, 2020, 04:02:07 PM

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Fixes compilation when using compilers that do not enable C++11 or newer by default (or when using -std=c++03 explicitly), like the macOS nightly build.


Tbh I am not quite sure why simutrans still builds against an ancient standard on macOS. Windows and Linux builds seem to target C++11.
Changing the std for macOS builds to C++11 (or even newer) should be preferred over backporting to C++03 and

This is just my opinion. Usually I don't care about macOS at all, so there might be some macOS specific pitfalls I did not consider.


Since there are no newer servers for Mac OS, I have to use whatever Github offers me. Anyway, for portability not using extensions is the best.

Ok, I have rather to define the structure by hand. Stupid ...


why is there a union anyway? Memory consumption should not be an issue here.
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