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The Pak128.german team wishes you a Merry Christmas.

Started by makie, December 21, 2020, 04:03:13 PM

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The Pak128.german team wishes you a Merry Christmas. :)

Yes, we have a Christmas market this year too.  ;D

and as a surprise there is a beta of the upcoming version 2.1 under the Christmas tree.
The beta also runs with Release 122.0, but because of the fords and the level crossings, a current nightly is recommended.


Such a wonderful gift for Christmas!

Could you please inform me which of the bugs reported by Huperspace and classified with "Fix in progress" at are fixed? This is so I can move the threads to solved.

Thank you.


From my point of view fixed errors:
* Piece-good Cargoboat Typ Esslingen (1920-): something grey on the far right (vehicle icon)
* Choose end signal (1835-): white point (placed)
Old known program error:
* "old roadbridge" (ca 1935): Pilar in the middle of the tile (into a rail/street under it)
* Powerbridge, over a 1 tile higher street: Powerpoles is vanisched, powerlines are 1 tile higher
Fixed in next beta:
* Refrigerated Truck (1956-): black point infront (ingame vehicle model)

Fixed in Nighly:

Things that will stay that way for the next time:


Thank you, makie, very much appreciated. And it shows all the work you and your team have been doing. Great job!


And ones more it is Christmas.  :)

The Team Pak128.German wishes all Simutrans players a quiet beautiful Merry Christmas.

And again there is a surprise. :o
Again, the team puts the beta of the upcoming Version 2.1 beneath the Christmas tree.  ::(
But it is not the same as from last year. :P

We have now arrived at Version 2.1.beta (Rev.470)   8)
The beta also runs with Release 122.0, but because of the fords, level crossings and the scenario "Oktoberfest", a current nightly is recommended.

We would like to have made this version a release, but unfortunately the new program version takes a little more time.
We wish you a lot of fun during the Christmas holidays and in the quiet time after.

What's new in Version 2.1.beta (Rev.470) compared to Release 2.0?

  • new: New price model, with fixed costs of about 2% of revenue. The purchase prices of the vehicles were halved for this.
  • new: The initial capital is now adapted to the starting year. From 1 million 1800 to 40 million 2030
  • new: For faster program start: Many small .PAK files are now packed with in a large file.
  • new: The sources are now mostly visible to
  • new: "Adler" New graphics and sound, slightly shorter.
  • new: Some vehicles are now driving at night with light on.
  • new: Farms, horse breaks and the Oktoberfest have got sound.
  • new: Scenario "Oktoberfest". Need mandatory program version 123.0 or current Nightly.
  • new: Pedestrians adapted to the 19th century.
  • new: Houses are now preferably built near stops. Also opposite larger railway stations.
  • new: The need for workers of the factories revised. The same: number of buyers who want to buy in markets.
  • new: A train now needs a driver at the head end. So either in a locomotive or in a control car.
  • new: That is why there are now some new control cars. Pushed freight trains are no longer possible.
  • new vehicles
            Kö 1 engine for the shunting service and when a single freight wagon serves whole factory.
            E69 and new Silberlinge coaches with a control car. For the branch line to Oberammergau.
            BR 141 red and green new graphics match the new Silberlinge.
            freight wagons for powder Uaoos-y948, bulk Fas 126, long goods Rmms663
            Fehmarnsund steamboat ferry for small amounts of freight or short distances.
            the ICE, Blue Gentian, red double-decker coaches and some other passenger trains now run alight at night.
  • new buildings
            some small houses and meadows now also have winter graphics.
            town houses in 4-tiles size.
  • new factories
            Furniture factory that produces steel furniture.
            Siegfried Peretz stockings factory
  • new network objects
            a ford tile for muddy paths
            railway barriers now have a German sound.
  • new: translation of the texts into Italian, thanks to Pierohd.
  • new: translation of the texts into Japanese, thanks to Green.
  • changed: some large ships now have significantly higher amounts of cargo.
  • changed: English translations improved. Thanks to Duke and Ampersand.
  • changed: Some bugs have been corrected. For reporting, thanks to Huperspace on Steam.
  • changed: With a current nightly, level crossings can no longer be built over high-speed tracks or highways.
  • deleted: The Tatra T6 A22 tram car appears twice, so gets automatically converted to a Tatra T6 A6.


Happy Christmas! Thank you for your gift! I'll upload the new version asap.

Can I ask if any of the bugs reported by Huperspace for pak128.german and marked as "Waiting for feedback" or "Fix in progress" here has changed status with this new release?

Quotetown can't extend it's border
can not extend over dual rail --> this will stay
but if there is a station then the city can extend at the other side of the station
but there is a need of a street, the city can not build new streets at the other side
Quotenew: Houses are now preferably built near stops. Also opposite larger railway stations.

continued ....