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Crash on multiple Windows clients

Started by Matthew, December 23, 2020, 12:21:22 PM

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There has been just been a hard client crash for two Windows players simultaneously. It is not reproducible yet, but I am posting the data here so that we can look for patterns. A Linux player desynced but did not crash. The server seems to have stayed up until I rejoined, when I got an instant desync and the server crashed.

I had just switched a ship to a different line. SuperTimo had just Ctrl-Clicked on an x2 slope to build a tunnel entrance. When I rejoined, the server save showed the ship had indeed switched do a different line but that tunnel had not been built.

The client backtrace is here. My simu.log is temporarily here, though there is nothing very interesting, just a fetch_goods() complaint about an unknown arrival time, which is not so rare.

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