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Simutrans on Steam updated to 123.0

Started by Roboron, January 06, 2022, 12:08:46 AM

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Simutrans on Steam has been updated to version 123.0. Well, in reality it is not the stable 123 version (r10317), but instead I decided to deploy a later nightly (r10333). Why? Well I couldn't update the game the days after the release due to personal reasons and when I came back I saw that some important bugs were reported and fixed, so better to avoid them. The Steam version will be on-par again with the next point release, sorry for any inconvenience.

The minimum requirement for Linux users is now Ubuntu 20.04 (or equivalent). A default soundfont was included for MIDI music to work out-of-the-box.

Steam DLC (paksets) updated:

  • Pak192.comic (RC2)
  • Pak128.german (2.1)
  • Pak64 (123)
  • Pak64.german (

Paksets on the workshop have not been updated yet.

Link to announcement:



Does it is internally 10317 as revision number? Otherwise network games would be unjoinable.

Anyway a 123.0.1 will come soon.


No, honestly I didn't think about that possibility, thank you for mentioning. However, I did warn the players in the announcement that they would be unable to join stable multiplayer games until the next update.

I will wait for release 123.1 then.


We should freeze the code, as they do in wine, which launches up to 6 RCs where they only accept bug fixes.



A bug fix could affect the game state or need to step up the game version. There are only a limited amount of bug fixing possible without loosing connectability.