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"Silver" Theme

Started by _Hajo_, January 15, 2022, 01:46:31 PM

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I made this as an alternative of the "modern" theme, with a different color set in pale yellow and silver (aged silver turns a bit yellow). I have not tested it extensively, so please let me know if there are colors or settings that don't work well.

Silver Theme, 1.0 RC 1:



Welcome back, Hajo :-)

The default colour of the finance windows text for 0.00€ (neither gains nor losses), is a bit difficult to read for me (not much important, since this is a trivial text, but still).

It suffers also the same contrast issue in the city info buttons than the Purple Night, but you probably know that already.

I like your purple theme more. This is more retro, which is not bad (and it is definitely better than the "classic" theme), but it doesn't cater to me.


Thanks for letting me know! I play too little to realy see al dialogs, but I want to make both themes look good. It's a surprising lot of work, so it will take a while.

The colored buttons are difficult. I might try the approach that the modern theme takes on them.


Both themes are great, but I like the purple one better!.  8) 
From the color I guess it's the theme dedicated to the beautiful Excentrique.  <3

When they are ready I hope to see them included in simutrans, and the collection of themes is growing.  ;D 

[C] Ranran

The design looks very good. Excellent.  :)
Coincidentally, I've created a similar color theme before. I tried to create some 和 (Japanese modern) image, but could not arrive at a design I was satisfied with.

It is still a wish for artists that themes can change the design of the menu buttons... (´・ω・`)

Quote from: _Hajo_ on January 15, 2022, 01:46:31 PMI made this as an alternative of the "modern" theme
As has been discussed several times, I think the "modern" theme has a problem with the consistency of the button colors and chart line color visibility.


Second release candidate of my "Silver" theme for Simutrans.

Changes since RC1:

    Color for neutral money values has been changed to a dark grey.
    Window back ground has been changed to a slightly brighter and more neutral grey.
    Status bar colors now match window colors.



How to install:

Unpack the in simutrans/themes and restart Simutrans to refresh the themes list. On the next start you get two new theme entries "Silver" and "Silver (large size)"

Theme preview with Simutrans 123: