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[Not a bug / PEBKAC] - Train line not "connecting" passenger destinations

Started by kzwix, January 17, 2022, 10:35:55 PM

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[EDIT: My own stupidity forgot to add the new tramway stop to the tramway line, in Lancaster. So, indeed, there was no longer a connection, but it wasn't due to a bug, only to a Keyboard/Chair interface.
sorry guys for the bad report]

I had a nice passenger network, with lots of buses, tramways in the largest cities, buses connecting cities... it worked quite well.
Then, I wanted to replace a high-traffic connection with a fast train. So, I set a fast train line, connected with existing stations in the cities lines (same as a tramway or bus stop), and put a passenger train there.

However, most of the traffic was still going through the inter-cities bus line, instead of going through my brand new shiny (and expensive) express train. So, I deleted the bus line between Lancaster and Cambridge
(save here: - was to heavy to upload in the post), and expected the traffic to shift through the train line.

Well, it disappeared instead, as if the two "parts" of the transport network were no longer connected. I think it's a bug, as I clearly recall having been able to do that in the past.
If you need an earlier savegame (when I still had a bus line, and possibly no train line there), please ask, I'll be happy to provide it.


Maybe posting the savegame can help. :)


I *did* post the savegame (just click the link).
As stated, it couldn't be included in the message itself (It rejected my message because the file was too big, losing all the text in the process - so, I used Simutrans File Sharing instead the second time)


Most want to go to Ely commode street, not sure why.

Also to go to your railways station there are two exchanges needed for the express bus lines. Also your intercity bus directly connects to industries, hence making any alternative unattrictive. Passengers always prefer direct connections in standard.

Delete the express bus stop in cambrige and passengers will use the railroad. ALso there are much more passengers wolverhampton-cambrige than going further.


But did you see passengers from Lancaster to these destinations ?  I used to have thousands coming from there, and now, it's deserted. It's not a problem of them taking the bus (because the bus doesn't exist anymore), it's just that they no longer move.

Just like if Lancaster was no longer connected to Ely, Derby, and the like.
This save ( should show the previous situation (Line 2 moves people from Lancaster to Cambridge)

(And I maintain this looks like a bug, not like a "I don't know how to play" situation)


The train introduced three more passenger changes for the same destinations. Depending on your max hop settings, these may put these destinations out of reach. Furthermore, there could have been a backlog.

Most of the passengers rather want to go further south. Maybe the best way to do this was over lancaster, but now Cambridge-Cardiff is the best.


[Edit]: Ok, sorry, after checking the networks, I had forgotten to add the tramway stop connected to the train line, in Lancaster, to the Lancaster Tram Line.

So, my diagnosis was on point: there was indeed no longer a connection between the Lancaster-side network and the Cambridge-side network. Only, just not due to a bug.
Sorry guys