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Can't find route because axle load limit of ways too low???

Started by TransportFanMar, February 24, 2022, 03:47:43 AM

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I set up a coach route between two towns in 1750, as one of my many attempts. The consist has an axle load of 1t like usual, but now I can no longer do what I used to do because it can't find a route after leaving the station. I already added a bunch of waypoints within the town to try finding the problem and it turned out to be at a turn which it had used before, which obviously had an improved way due to being in a city. Why? I didn't get this issue in previous games.

Edit: it often gets stuck at an intersection, and at different places.
Edit 2: when I sent it back to the depot it then was stuck there due to no route. Or maybe (I'm not sure) it may have been a new vehicle that got stuck. I don't understand because I've tried what feels like everything and no other vehicles have this issue.
Edit 3: To clarify, when I set its next destination to somewhere outside of the city that does NOT have to pass by bridleway the message mentions some point has a maximum axle load of 0t. When I set it to within the city, that disappears, but it still says no route despite being able to go to the depot which is a similar route. (It can't even go one tile.)

For reference my last tests were with 3 pairs of hackney horses plus the carriage with 4 high + 6 medium capacity.

Edit 4: Update didn't help but starting a new game did somehow.


This is more of an issue with the pakset settings. Often the weight of the horse prevents him from crossing the bridge.

Quote from: TransportFanMar on February 24, 2022, 03:47:43 AMor reference my last tests were with 3 pairs of hackney horses
The more horses you connect, the more weight the convoy will have.
It should be noted that there is also a total weight limit on the bridge, which is different from the axle weight.
Without a passable bridge to cross the river, it won't find a route.


... and you cannot rely on the no route message.
Practically, it's nearly always an axle load message but the actual reason is most often a bridge or in multiplayer access permissions.


The fastest way to get a solution to this kind of problem is to submit a save file that can be reproduced reliably and share everyone's view.