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Minimap does not show multiple factory links at the same time

Started by Ranran, March 02, 2022, 10:57:57 AM

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I think the factory chain display in minimap should be the current on top factory dialog or last one, not all the factories where the dialog is open. In other words, the factory link display is always based on one factory.
This is the same as the behavior of line and convoy. Why would only factories refer to all dialogs? Is there any special reason?
In my opinion, I would like to have multiple factory dialogs open, but since they are all displayed in minimap, I have to close the factory dialog when I want to examine a link from a particular factory.
It would require additional effort to open that factory dialog again.
I think that if many factory links are displayed at the same time, the information is difficult to grasp due to the many displays.


Well, I was lazy, so I didn't try to implement it and thought it was much effort to implement.
It was possible just by looping from the opposite and escaping the loop the first time it was found. (´・ω・`)
This simplicity is like Japanese instant noodles...

I don't know if you think this is desirable, but the code is here.



QuoteQuote from: Ranran on 9/3/2022, 8:10:42This simplicity is like Japanese instant noodles...

I understand that our esteemed @prissi loves Japanese culture. 👍