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MLM developements !

Started by gauthier, August 30, 2008, 05:55:42 PM

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It seems that SNFOS is no longer available. If anyone could put the download somewhere else, that would be great.


It should be fixed soon, else I will upload it elsewhere.


how can i find maglev addons for pak 128.. pls post a site. and pls dont put any virus etc. in it. thanks.


Quoteand pls dont put any virus etc. in it. thanks.
:o you should see a psychiatrist for your paranoia ...

I think all is here, tell me if something is missing.


* 3 years and a half later *

Quick and dirty update for half heights. Only graphical update, not economical balancing.


if broken link, see here.

By the way, I separated maglev stations from train stations so you can play without the train stations flooding the train toolbar.


Thank you!
This will help a lot when building new or rethinking old slopes!
Always looking for new things, new knowledge.