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Public Rail Challenge

Started by Fuzzy Peach, September 07, 2009, 05:09:35 AM

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Fuzzy Peach

I've decided to create my first challenge. Here is the story:

It's the year 1960, you've been assigned to this branch of your company by your boss. You will have the job of making a transport service from Worcester to Bristol while running through Hereford. There are two other companies trying to implement a similar route, Trikky Transport and H-Trans Ltd. You must not let them shut you down as you eventually make the cities grow and form a faster way of travel.

Your goal: Make enough money within 20 years to make your own rail tracks spanning the length of the route to allow your trains to move at higher speeds.

The rules:
You may only use road and rail transport.
You may NOT go bankrupt.
You CAN use the public tracks spanning the route.
You can attempt to build in other towns but remember: The goal is to have your own complete set of rail tracks spanning the length of the route.
You must complete your goal in 20 years.
When you finish, upload your save file attached to a post. You will be scored based on your Account Balance, Assets and Net Wealth on a ratio of 1:1. Plus every convoy serving the line between Worcester and Bristol will give you 100,000 pts. ex) If you have a Net Wealth of 500,000 and 3 convoys serving the route. You will have a score of 800,000.

Can you also give me some suggestions if you have any.

The save file is at the bottom of this post.

Good luck.

PS: This challenge is for pak128.

http://files.[ simutrans [dot] us (site down, do not visit) ]/files/get/C5k9HxPqYu/public-rail-challenge.sve


There is a flaw in this scenario I think - the pre-established routes by competitors cannot be edited (okay), but the routes are programmed with "waits", which means in practice that the cities with competing bus routes become gridlocked, which is also compounded by the citycar setting (there are rather a lot of them!).