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Realistic US modern trucks and trains?

Started by railfan727, April 18, 2010, 06:58:47 PM

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Is anyone planning on adding modern US trucks and trains to pak64?

And is there any way to have a proper "semi" tractor-trailer rig? I.e., a generalized tractor which can be paired up with a specialized trailer which actually carries the load...


What do you exactly mean with modern? after 90's?

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I'm using pak64, and I don't understand your question about tractor-trailers. I use them all the time. There are two or three types of semi tractors, and they all work with all the long semi-matching trailers, TTBOMK.
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Quote from: vilvoh on April 18, 2010, 07:09:31 PM
What do you exactly mean with modern? after 90's?

I mean, diesel locomotives 1972 and later...

   SD40-2 (I know there is already one in there, but it doesn't look very good)
   SD70 series (SD70, SD70M, SD70MAC, SD70M-2, SD70ACe)

General Electric
   Dash 9-40CW
   Dash 9-44CW

And the freight cars to go with them, of course... coal hoppers and  bathtub gondolas for coal service (3-bay hoppers are also used for iron ore, gravel, etc.), automobile racks, tank cars, intermodal cars (trailers or containers on flatcars, for mail or boxed goods), boxcars, coil steel cars, grain hoppers, plastics pellet hoppers (the ACF 5800-cubic-foot Center Flow is a great example), centerbeam flatcars (for lumber and drywall service), 2-bay covered hoppers for sand and cement... plus whatever else might be required for new industry chains that might be developed on down the road.

Is it possible to do articulated freight cars?  For example, to do the intermodal cars in 3- or 5-unit sets that behave as individual cars (and count as 3 or 5 cars for purposes of measuring train length and platform usage) but cannot be physically separated from one another...

And it would be even better to have realistic railroad paint schemes... CSX, Norfolk Southern, Union Pacific, Conrail, Burlington Northern, Santa Fe, Southern Pacific, etc.

3D models of most of this equipment are available for use with Microsoft Train Simulator. So it seems to be a matter of getting screenshots from the precise angles required and shrinking them down to size...


Long time ago somebody started a USA rolling set (take a look at, that includes some of them, but I think it's unfinished. On the other hand, there's already a GE Dash 8-40C set available for downloading but otherwise sound interesting, specially if you already have the 3D models (do you have 3D modeling skills?)

Do you have images of all those engines?

Escala Real...a blog about Simutrans in Spanish...


Sorry, for gaming those are relatively boring engines, since their stats differ very little; also to keep the standard pak64 sa much international as possible I did not add many engines from one country. The two largest bulk cars are actually made after north american cars, as one of the piece good cars.

You can convert most of those easily from OpenTTD with a little effort.

Fuzzy Peach

If you wanted to make a 3 or 5 car set where those cars cannot be detached then make 3 different graphics. One for the front car which would have a coupler and a place for wheels to go from the car behind it (two cars share one set of wheels) then do the centre car or cars, which would have shared wheelsets on both ends. Then the back car which would have a coupler at the back and a shared wheelset (this could be the same graphic as the front car but reversed). Then set the DAT files so it makes a constraint where if you add one car it adds all of the others automatically. But deleting one would remove all of them.






Here is a centerbeam flat for pak128:

Someone made a double stack car with 3 versions meant to be strung together, but I cannot seem to find the link for it..

Additionally for pak128 here is a US trains set:

and an Amtrak set:


Hmmm ...  Interesting this topic should come up.

I've got a game going from 1837 {earliest I can run anything at all in the version I got} and I've been sobbing that there's such a scarcity of equipment.  I'm willing to draw, in GIMP, pictures of rolling stock, and even help research the relevent details {and how to translate them to Simutrans} if ya'll are willing to help me with it.

I would, of course, be willing to not only try to do historic US equipment, but also some of my own fanciful equipment, which I think would be great fun. ;D

I must admit I have a Shay fetish, and I think it would be uber awesome to imagine the development of a Shay that competed with the Grasshopper and the Rocket.  They shay, of course, would win out for it's superior characteristics, and so all the newer locomotives after this competition would be Shay-style, instead of Rocket-style. {Giggles}

Sure, some Rocket-style locomotives would still be in use, where their particular operating characteristics were more desirable, but the Shay would by and large be the King of the Rails. =p

Why Shays were so good was because they were gentler on the rails and stuff.

Anyway ...  I'm willing to draw if you're willing to work with me on it



If you are willing to draw, I am organizing Pak128.USA (thread) ... perhaps you would like to be part of that?