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You have a question to Tikiwiki?

Started by Frank, May 03, 2010, 04:46:01 PM

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What is a Wiki?

Using Wiki Pages

Wiki Plugins

You have a specific question, then write it here.


The Tikiwiki have 2 navigation's.

Structures and Categories

On the categories is free access for all registered users.

On the structure have only a few users access. From security.

You want a structure created or changed, then post them here on the forum.

the leading users in Tikiwiki

@ Mod: Please sticky this Post. - sticked ~vilvoh

Is it possible, create a sub forum for Tikiwiki Questions?
And move this post to go there.


for images used the image galleries

Image galleries is no longer developed by the developers.

Therefore save pictures in the file directories now.

before they upload an image, they refer if it already exists



Is it possible to create a table of content for a page, like in wikipedia, that automatically lists the paragraph headings?

I've found toc, AutoToc, maketoc in the documentation, but it's either not what I'm looking for or not well documented.


maketoc is for page navigation

for this exist a Quicktag ( line 3 in the middle 'toc from page', the left from 3 )