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Started by prissi, September 04, 2010, 10:08:03 PM

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Maybe somebody hit pause; I am not sure but I suspect pause feature. Just pressing 'p' will pause the server.

EDIT: could reproduce it. Pausing the server, then disconnect => no new conenct possible.


Server Down.

On a side note about desyncs, I was replacing many coal trains that were about 20 years old in game time, but I wanted to re-use some of the hoppers, so I sent some to depots. When I clicked 'disassemble' I got desynced every time, and when I returned to the game the convoy was disassembled. I had 6-7 trains to disassemble, and each one caused a desync.
Why do we park on the driveway and drive on the parkway?


Since the server side has seen a lot of improvements including dragging building (like on normal games), restoring of line/schedule windows after joining, less desync and more test of client getting out of sync, I started a new game on gift with release 4229. The map is a little large (with some trees), so download may be slower. Please commetn also on that.

You can find the old game under

There is now also a second game running on port 13355, using pak.japan found here: I would by also glad for reports on playability of this set.


The trees! They vanished...

Still early for many comments. Somebody appears to be joining, immediately discoing, and rejoining sending the server into an unresponsive state. i.e. the game pauses for 5+ minutes. When in this state, the game on port 13355 is also unresponsive. I presume the last instance of this required the server manually reset as it was down for a while - upon rejoining, all the trees are gone???

One glitch - creating a new line for ships, click at (221,383) adjacent to 'South Venice Church St. Meinrad dock' to add as a stop. 'South Venice central stop' (a bus only halt) is added to the ship line instead of the dock. Ship captain not amused.

Second glitch - creating a new bus line. Click to close the newly created schedule moments before someone joins. Poof - a blank schedule gets created instead. Bus driver lost.

Only one desync so far. Logged as checklist mismatch. No idea possible cause.

Download speed was fine with trees - ~2-3 seconds. ~1-2 seconds now that trees are gone - 10x smaller filesize yet minimal time impact.

Waybuilding frustrating. It isn't building differently server vs client anymore. It just doesn't build at all!. i.e. it takes 2-3 tries to get every segment built - using two click method.


Quote from: prissi on January 27, 2011, 01:07:02 PMThere is now also a second game running on port 13355, using pak.japan found here: I would by also glad for reports on playability of this set.

I have been enjoying pak.Japan on the server, but there are quite a few graphical glitches. For example, the dirt road has stray white pixels, as does the rail crossing graphic. The steel rail bridge is slightly mis-aligned. Also, there does not seem to be a depot for trams or ships. There is no retirement date for the horse drawn vehicles, so once the horses are retired in 1960, you get a few vehicles still appearing that cannot be used. Nothing too serious though, still playable with these issues.

In terms of balancing, it seems to be good. I had a 60%+ margin on the current map, which is excellent considering the low volume and small towns. One thing that stands out is the classic rail bridge, it is too cheap to build, and its maintenance cost is way too high for the speed allotted.

By the way I love that stone rail tunnel..


Please report all glitches, as this was dormant for nearly two years at leats. I intend to fix most of them as fast as possible.

One player complained about taking about 5 min to download the map. So I removed the trees from the maps. The pak64 game was also crashed before removing trees.


Quote from: TurfIt on January 27, 2011, 10:45:50 PM
Waybuilding frustrating. It isn't building differently server vs client anymore. It just doesn't build at all!. i.e. it takes 2-3 tries to get every segment built - using two click method.
Maybe you did not wait long enough? Ie after the second click the build command is sent to server and sent back to all clients. If your client is lagging behind the server, then it may take a while to complete the build command.
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It was the first click that I was having trouble getting recognized. Nothing to do with network mode - found my mouse jittering. If the mouse moves even one pixel between button press and release, drag mode rather than two click. Change mouse - problem gone. But, perhaps a little tolerance for a moving mouse would be good - press and release on the same tile - set a click, not drag.

City growth oddity - take a look at South Venice in the current game. pop 7346, unemployed 4285, homeless 1335. Grown from 2937 to 7346, but stuck at 44 buildings; Plenty of land to grow into...


Not plenty of land. If not at least 30% of the area is with houses, it will not grow in size. Know problem. I will build a house a little off.


Same empty map from 1920 restarted. THe last server run over 6 days without restart!

Old maps:

pak.japan will be probably restarted in the evening, when the "new" pak.japan has all mail and passenger cars and ships and some preliminary balancing went one.


gift now restarted with revision 4299. Hopefully last testgame before stable.

I also started a japanese pak64 set. You can find the current set on
(This map is in japanese.)


TurfIt, I'd really appreciate if you wouldn't use your administrative privileges to manipulate industry growth and other player's accounts. Thank you very much.



If they crash the next ten days, thay may have to stay down, as I am may not be online for the next ten days.


I just got the newest nightly and I am very eager to start playing on-line. The only problem is that the server appears to be down. I see that you (prissi) are on the forum now so I assume that the server will be up fairly soon, so I look forward to playing on it!


The server runs already the last three hours.


i get an error when triing to connect just like with timothy's server


Oh, are you using the latest nightly version to try to connect to my server? You need to use the same version of Simutrans as the server is running (in my case r4303 which is the Stable release 110.0), using a newer version won't work.
Use Firefox? Interested in IPv6? Try SixOrNot the IPv6 status indicator for Firefox.
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Hey all

After a problem with my account i'm back now.
I hope it's not so terrible that i joined, but i wanted to try out pak.japan.

I get 1 async in about 1 hour of gaming.

Perhaps i will get bankrupt, but i hope not ;)



server makes simu very laggy at least on a 1.83GHz Intel Core 2 with 1GB 667MHz SDRAM
but at lest it works.


seems less laggy now
however i still can't build anything

EDIT: now it gives an error


Looks like this server is down.
It was up just under 24 hours ago.  I connected and played around a bit.  Can't connect now though.


The system runs on the old DNS server, which was changed. Rebooted and started clean games again.


Power supply broke on this one. No online gaming on gift any more ... But maybe I am allowed to set my own computer up there ...


After two month I just tried the power switch - and it worked again for many hours. But one insignicant hardisk for mail was corrupted. Aparently it was not a power supply but rather the defrag utility that had the server appeared as crashed for me. Both pak64 and pak64.japan should be up.


Great. Thank you. :)

This ser ver bring back old memories. There was time when the players can pause the game, and but chat feature. And I hadn't even joined the forum that time.


Quote from: prissi on July 25, 2011, 07:55:54 PM
Both pak64 and pak64.japan should be up.

Yay! I am so happy to hear that your server (with its wonderful maps  :) ) is back! But, the main 64 server appears to be down.

Are you going to run nightlies on the server? I would be interested to test how the new passenger routing code affects netgaming.
Why do we park on the driveway and drive on the parkway?


That is the idea. However, the server may go off sooner or later for a while, since it really needs a fresh OS intsall (it run a 9 year old freeBSD ... )