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Started by Nico192, October 08, 2010, 03:34:13 PM

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My name is Nico192 and I'm coming from the german forum.
Maybe some of you have already heard from my new pakset - pak96.HD2.
As you can hear it is an handrawn set.
Now there are only two people in our team. I'm searching for helpers!
You can follow the disscoussion at
When you can draw a littlebit well, write me an PM, write in this Thread or write in the German forum.

My english isn't perfect, because of this please be careful when you write to me and sorry when I do mistakes.
When you don't understand parts of my posts, say it.



I can't contribute at it, but how's the progress?
And you're being helped by Martin the pakHD maintainer?

I'm trying to sent you a PM, but you inbox is full.


pak96.HD2 is in a very early stadium of devlopment.
There are the ground tiles and some citybuildings.
Trees are also there.
And no, Martin doesnt help me. You can write me an PM.

PS: I cleaned my box.


Hey Nico
just to show you that I created a logo for your pak if you still don't have one.
Look my Simutrans Logos topic
Give some comments if you want something changed.