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I don't get the modern level crossings

Started by alexbaettig, January 09, 2011, 12:52:51 PM

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I downloaded the new release of pak128.Britain (v1.08). All level crossings of previous games have been changed to the old crossings (cobblestone-rail) and if I build a new one (even late in the timeline (1996)) only these crossings appear. No modern crossings appear during the game. Is there any possibility of fixing that?



I think that this is a bug in Simutrans that is fixed in the latest nightly builds - have you tried the latest nightlies?
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No I didn't try the latest nightlies. I'll try. Thanks

The Hood

It's not so much a bug as a new feature.  There hasn't been an official stable release for a long time, but nightlies are usually stable (unofficially) at present, I find.  There's also the issue that the 1.08 release was compiled using the latest official makeobj, but the crossings feature wasn't totally enabled in that.  I'd advise using the nightly paks too, as they are built with the latest makeobj, and have all features enabled.