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[BUG]BUG in the airport - destination failure: "Error in Routing"

Started by VictorKoehler, January 17, 2011, 01:57:12 AM

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I found a possible bug in Simutrans.
At the airport in a city I just created, the airport had a bug regarding the fate of the passengers.
I had just created the second plane from the airport:
The airport only had links with two other cities: transported in airplanes. And the city Recife.
Here is a picture:


Operating System: Windows XP
Version Simutrans: 102.3-3938 (Nightly Build)
PAK: 64 with modifications

Download of the PAK64.Brasil b3ta here


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Error in routing message disappears in short while after loading of game. And it is not affair of only aircrafts. Game needs some time for full loading of game - and until game will do it, error in routes is displayed. The more people go by any vehicle (from many places to else many places), the longer time game needs for full loading. And of course, the slower machine (PC) you have, the longer time is needed too.

Save and reload it won't solve - as is written above.

So I suggest close this topic as solve. Am I right, Dwachs?

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