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Hungarian Trains for Standard *and* Experimental

Started by Carl, July 30, 2011, 03:40:04 PM

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Here are two Hungarian diesel units for pak64. These are the first vehicles I've made for Simutrans, so be gentle :)

Feedback and suggestions for improvement very welcome!

These trains make use of some of Simutrans-Experimental's new features, including overcrowded capacity, comfort rating and bi-directional working.

Based on these vehicles:

These trains work in the latest version of Simutrans-Experimental. They don't work on my copy of Simutrans-Standard. Does anybody know what I'd need to do to make a version which does work on Standard?



Here are versions of the above trains which you can use with Simutrans Standard.

Emil Sawicki

I think your bzmot is too fast.

"A gyári motorral felszerelt motorkocsi végsebessége 70 km/h volt." - translation: "Equipped with factory engine [it] can reach top speed 70 km/h." (Wikipedia)

This engine is Rába-MAN D2156 HM 6U, same as in bus Jelcz M11, so it's power equals 142 kW.
Simutrans 123, Windows 10


Thanks for that useful information, Emil! I only looked at the sidebar of the wiki article, so didn't spot the section on speed. I notice that the article also states that later versions could reach 80kph and had 162kW power.

Judging from this article, the red and white version appears to be refurbished for a branded service. Do you know whether these vehicles are capable of greater speeds/power?

Edit: I notice that this similar vehicle can achieve 90kph at power of 245kW. I should draw this version, too -- perhaps even instead of the Bztx.


Hungarian Trains :D. I used them many times already (the ones that you drew) and they are terrible ;). But actually they fit somehow to Hungary, don't they? A question, are you hungarian?


Edit: i just saw that you live in Leeds so another Question: How did you get through to this trains? How do you knew them?


I'm not Hungarian, but I have spent a few months in and around Budapest over the years! I think Hungary's trains have a lot of charm!  ;)

I'm currently working on a south-east Europe map and I wanted some "authentic" vehicles to use, which is what inspired me to draw these trains.

Emil Sawicki

Carl Baker: if you want faster bzmot, draw this: There are two versions of this vehicle: two-segment and three-segment.

Ülőhelyek száma:   kétrészes: 86; háromrészes: 120 (seats: two-segment car: 86; three-segment car: 120).

Top speed: 100 km/h, power: 250 kW (both versions).


Quote from: carlbaker on July 31, 2011, 08:28:11 PMI'm currently working on a south-east Europe map and I wanted some "authentic" vehicles to use, which is what inspired me to draw these trains.

I created diesel loco M62 for MÁV:
Simutrans 123, Windows 10