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[New Release] Pak64.Experimental 0.2

Started by Carl, November 20, 2011, 03:10:20 PM

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New features:

  • Variable loading times for vehicles
  • Many new city attractions
  • Organised 'sets' of city attractions corresponding to different
    sectors of the economy
  • New industry end-users
Other changes since 0.1:

CHANGE: Altered data for existing attractions to make them less likely to occur and to lower their passenger levels
REMOVE: 'Old gate' attraction.
CHANGE: Changed announcement message for attractions so that it no longer makes reference to 'tourists'.
CHANGE: Increased passenger level for low-end RES, IND and COM buildings in order to avoid sprawl on creating a new map
ADD: Variable loading times for all goods-carrying vehicles
CHANGE: Increased value of paper
CHANGE: Increased cost of faster tracks
...and fixed several small bugs

Selection of new attractions

[note that this pakset requires Simutrans Experimental: download here]
Sources: here

The big change in this new release is the addition of dozens of new city attractions -- discussed here. That post describes the changes in detail, but the gist is as follows: this version has dozens of new city attractions corresponding to different areas of the economy, and these are organised so that as a city grows it will obtain more and more of these attractions. There are also several "unique" attractions which will only occur once in the largest cities on the map. (These are classed as "monuments" in order to generate this behaviour). The tourist_percentage has also been raised to account for the increased importance of attractions in this version.

(Full list of new attractions: Private School, Radio Station, Various offices, Inn, gardens and parks, various businesses (e.g. call centre, lawyer), Bank, Opera House, various schools, two different universities, football pitch, museums, libraries, art galleries, television station, newspapers, hospitals, government buildings, hotels, scientific research lab, fire station, police station, foreign embassy, famous restaurant, swimming pools, casino)

I've also enabled Experimental's variable loading time functions for vehicles. This means that if there are (say) 100 people are boarding a train, it will take longer than if (say) five people are boarding. The same goes for goods vehicles, which typically have a longer loading time than passenger vehicles in this new version.

There are several new city industries, too: including a local pub (to consume beer), a fish market, and a stationer.

This pakset is still a work-in-progress and is still rough around the edges. Some of the new graphics are adapted from existing graphics, and some I've made myself. Since I'm a novice pixel artist, some of them are very sketchy (as you can see above!) Hopefully they will be improved in time -- and if anybody would like to help improve them, that would be great! What's more, none of the new buildings have winter graphics -- they'll be added later.

Many thanks to those who have tested pak64.experimental so far. Much more work remains to be done on balancing, so I'm still very keen to hear your feedback on any issues concerning the pakset!


cool ty. two little problems :) the thing with the depot costs still happens and they are 0 and another one in the schedule list or when u create, update a line u can't tell on wich station u are selected to use the insert or something cause it has no arrow in front


Thanks for the feedback Xpiral.

On the first point -- is this the problem that depots currently don't cost anything? I find this happens in pak64 standard as well, so I don't think this is an Experimental-specific issue. It may even be intended behaviour, now. Can anyone confirm this? If it's not an intended part of pak64, I need to look into what's gone wrong.

On the second point -- could you clarify a little? Is the problem that you cannot see the arrows on the left of the window like the one in the following picture?


hmm yes i don't see those.. don't know why. well in britain experimental depots have maintenance costs i don't know about the 64 pack for standard but i will try and get back to you


just tried it now and in simutrans standard the road depot has 20$ maintenance and it shows up in the finance screen also after i build one


Thanks for that, Xpiral -- I'll have to look into this further and find out what the problem is. If all goes well it will be fixed in the next version.


Cool! You've got new release done.
I wand to test it up but occupied doing other things.
I think you don't need to rush anything...


It is great to have pak64 with features of simutrans-experimental.
I would suggest small change of setting at "vehicle" "carriage team" (four horses)
It has tractive effort of 1kN and I suggest to set it to 2 or 3 kN. The "vehicle" is used witch with stagecoach and whole convoy significantly slows down (to minimal speed) when reaches small hill. I thing, that four horses in the real world have bigger tractive effort, than 1kN.
There is the same "vehicle" available in tram depot having tractive effort 3kN, so I suggest to set to 3kN too.


Hello CarlBaker

I do not know if you wanted but:
Air craft stop
Boarding bridge
Airport tower (1930)
Airport tower (by MoistBoy)

Has capacity = 0


Thanks for both of your reports, jk271 and Milko -- I'll look into these and incorporate fixes into the next version.


Hello Carl

Usually I use the "ownership" tool, in pak britain this tool is active, but not in pak64Exp.

You can activate it in the next version? I made it activated by changing "" in my pak64exp version ...



I hadn't come across that feature by now, but I'll be happy to enable it in the next verson. Thanks for the pointer!



It 's useful when you play online, shows the owner of various structures with the color of the player (if public player, if player A, B, C, ...)



WIN7 64bit
111.0 Experimental 10.10 - r1010

Upon starting the Simutrans experimental and selecting
pak 64 experimental, I get this error.

Can't load vehicle type 3

pak britain loaded by the way.
Any guess...?


How odd! I can reproduce this, although the vehicle type is "type 4" in my corresponding error.

However, this doesn't occur in 10.5 (the most recent release before 10.10 that I have on my PC).

Does anybody have any idea what could cause this error?



It seems that this error is related to the demo save of the pakset. If you go to the pakset's root directory and delete demo.sve, it should start up normally. I'll make sure a new version of demo.sve is included with 0.3.


Thanks for taking time to look in to it. I will try again at home.