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Renault magnum tractor and trailer

Started by grampybear, October 08, 2011, 09:07:22 PM

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 I just downloaded the renault magnum tractor and cold trailer and was surprised what I found. The tractor rides alongside the trailer.  See attached. This would be a nice addition the my pak128 set.


that it a bug in the Png and dat from the Moddell.
But French Simutransmodells are not open Scoure.
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ENG : Sorry, but on this forum (french), you have to write a french translation (it can be done with online translator if you don't speak french)  with english text. In my case, i understand english, but it's not the same for all french guys ! ;D
For the magnum truck, Aquel is no more present for this time, i will try to contact him to correct and upgrade this truck (i have some ideas !)

Fr : Excusez-moi, mais sur ce forum (français), vous devez écrire une traduction française en plus de votre texte en anglais (cette traduction peut être obtenue avec un traducteur en ligne si vous ne parlez pas français. Pour ma part, je comprends l'angalis, mais ce n'est pas le cas de tous !
Concernant le renault magnum, j'ai prévu de contacter Aquel (absent du forum actuellement) afin de lui proposer quelques corrections et améliorations.
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