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About parasite lightning pixels

Started by mEGa, April 15, 2012, 08:40:56 AM

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I m going to tell you (graphic artists and others) my recursive problem with lightning parasite pixels under Gimp...
I 'll try to explain the environment :

When I draw or touch up  an addon with Gimp, I use (too much may be ?) layers to create shadows, pieces and element accessories, some other effects... But after I blended layers and exported to png file (without alpha channel), I always have some pixels wich correspond to special lightning pixels... And engage a hard fight against them  :P

My present solution to correct this :
use "change 2 colors function" of Gimp... But imho, it is not a valid and stable solution :
1) it's fastidious to rectify all of colors, color per color ... layer per layer... And sometimes this modify a real lightning pixel ( second improvement : I recently make a special layer only for lights...)
2) all of bugs aren't corrected because they can appear with combination of colors of 2 layers (one color on layer can be half transparent...)

So, Have you some experiment ? Any solution ? last fabio's toolbox could be The stable tool for that ?

Thanks per advance to your feedback

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if you load the png file in shades, you can easily fix unwanted special colours.
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Colour safe chart:


Ok, but I wanted to rectify in source file directly because it is first to create many fork versions...
I found I believe a solution with Fabio's toolbox with function "remove special colors".
I select one layer and apply this function with following options :
- non darkening greys
- Windows
- players colors (primary & secondary)
-  lights (except lighten/darken)

Of course I do not apply this on my special "lights" and "player's colors" layers

I's better than I made for this day.
Current projects in progress : improvements of few designed french paks


Thank you for trying my toolbox.
Please, tell me how could it be improved, I'm willing to make it a standard Simutrans Artist's tool.