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Recommended settings for a new game?

Started by Zemalf, May 20, 2011, 09:46:30 PM

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I'm returning to Simutrans after heavy playing in 2005/6 and again on 2008/9, and I've completely forgotten everything... even my forum account has been cleansed (due inactivity), so starting a new :) I tried to find good settings for game settings, but couldn't really find any here... And I'd like to continue playing the same game, continuing where I left off instead of starting a new game again after a while...

Also, I faintly remember that the PAKs were not just graphics, but affect the gameplay as well, so...

Any recommendations on what PAK and settings to use for fun & challenging game (that can last a while)?

I was thinking to go with 1024x1024

But what about

No of cities
Median citizens per city
Intercity road length
Industry chains
Tourist attractions

And other settings/tweaks? (to game fun & challenging, without going insanely hardcore on the difficulty)


Similar topic may be already found in forum - but I am not sure where.  ;)

But here is my the most famous options:
cities: 21 or 31
median citizens: 1300 - it will create one big city (may be a little more) and many villages - the greater number of cities, the greater will be difference in size between cities
intercity road length: the shorter, the better (I don't remember exact number) because I don't like if cities are connected too much between each other
industry chains: 4 - it makes game a little more difficult but factories are well located for easy building of railway web of InterCity trains and also of freight trains
tourist attractions: 1 per city or so

Chybami se člověk učí - ale někteří lidé jsou nepoučitelní