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[Bug] "Replace" ignores the choice of livery scheme

Started by Ranran(Hibernating), January 25, 2020, 11:24:47 AM

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Reproduction steps:
1) Just select a non-default livery when "Replace"

This may have nothing to do with this thread, because this doesn't apply even if you don't assign it to a line. (´・ω・`)
(´・ω・`)シミュトランスのアップデート履歴(日本語) (※更新停止中)


After all, this problem seems to be the same problem. In many cases where replace is performed, convoy belongs to the line.
If the livery scheme is not set for the line but the livery is set for the vehicle, replace will overwrite all the liveries with "default".
Therefore, in most cases, selecting a livery scheme in the replace dialog is a wasteful effort. But players do not expect such behavior.
(´・ω・`)シミュトランスのアップデート履歴(日本語) (※更新停止中)