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Checking in and out (hiatus thread)

Started by Matthew, February 22, 2021, 05:07:22 PM

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People going on hiatus is a natural and normal part of Simutrans life. But people tend to just disappear without trace, which can be demoralizing to our generous contributors.

So this is a thread where people can check in and out.

I am checking out!  ;D I like to have connections between my input (reading books, listening to podcasts, watching TV/films/videos) and my output (playing and modding games).

For Christmas and my recent birthday I got half a dozen thick books on ancient history, 20th century East Asia, Christian epistemology, and other topics that are unrelated to Simutrans. So I am unlikely to be following this forum closely much in the near future. But no doubt I will return at some point.

Thank you to all the devs and other contributors who make Simutrans so much fun!
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I've been recently checked out but this week i've started working on painting again - I played a bit of GTA, a bit of Football Manager and was studying.


I was working on the scenario tutorial, but honestly I've been a bit unmotivated due to a little patch being rejected for no apparent reason,20764.0.html ) :/ , so now I am experimenting with some web design in JavaScript.


This was not rejected. Just I usually do not touch the scripting code and Dwachs maybe overlooked it.