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More convoys (than 65536)

Started by m.vanderwulp, April 15, 2023, 05:53:26 PM

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Dear all,
The map that I have been working on for years, now gives the following error: "Maximum number of convoys reached."  ::'( - I am so sad...

I think it is limited to 65536 convoys, i.e. a 16 bits integer.
What would it take to increase that number to 32 bits?
Thanks, regards,


This deserves some kind of award!

The best I can do is a gif, so here you go:

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That is quite an achievement! Could you please upload the savegame somewhere?

It should be possible to lift that 16bit restriction for a custom build.
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Another user breaking the laws of physics... I mean simutrans . ;D

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Quote from: Dwachs on April 16, 2023, 05:40:12 PMThat is quite an achievement! Could you please upload the savegame somewhere?

And a note to m.vanderwulp: If you don't have a place you can upload but you know how to use FTP, let me know and I'll create a space and PM you credentials :)


Here is the save file:

I run it with Simutrans 123.0.1 on OpenSuse with pak128.


Wow! I have also been playing Simutrans for years, but I have never come close to that number of convoys!