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Stable: Simutrans 102.0 (r2366)

Started by IgorEliezer, March 17, 2009, 06:08:17 PM

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Stable: Simutrans 102.0 (r2366)

In the last two month the base of developers has increased. Thus many new features (like rivers) have been added and lots of bugs removed.


Installing and starting Simutrans up

1. You have to download at least two files: 1) An executable compatible to your operating system; 2) one or more graphic package at your choice.

2. Unzip files you have downloaded.

3. The content of all files you unzipped must be stored in a single Simutrans folder.

:idea: A sample of how all files must be stored in: Simutrans folder.

4. Start Simutrans up by double-clicking on executable, and have fun!


Download page at

Release note
Release of 102.0 (r2366)

   FIX: connect stops again to public player
   FIX: marker had invalid position after loading a game => crash when adding new marker
   FIX: again income messages even with very many convois
   ADD: &#; for direkt character input (but no unicode yet) to help files "HTML" ( happy face,  unhappy face)
   ADD: (z9999) capacity of a stop shown in tooltip
   ADD: (z9999) halt can have different storage capabilities for different good types (seperate_halt_capacities=1 in
   ADD: if pay_for_total_distance=1 in, price is calculated for the distance you got nearer to destination
   ADD: (isidoro) jump to line window from halt_details
   FIX: mark deleted trees dirty when building roads
   CHANGE: message window now obeys also Simutrans UI (array/rightclick for goto on map, leftclik on text to show again)
   CHANGE: inactive tabs nor greyed out
   ADD: goto line also in convoi info window
   CHANGE: (z9999) finally useful marker with a simutrans consistent gui
   ADD: (gerw mostly) river are now created during map creation, new options in
   ADD: no vehicle/cash sounds during fast forward
   ADD: (gerw/prissi) powerline remover
   FIX: lines always got id 1 => saving was not sucessful!
   CHANGE: language specific divider for amout possible (like million for most) using LARGE_NUMBER_STRING and LARGE_NUMBER_VALUE
   CHANGE: start at any month you like (parameter starting_month in
   FIX: fences and slopes in most suituations now without graphic errors (some are currently unavoidable)
   ADD: (z9999) new sort option for good list by category
   FIX: (mostly Dwachs) way graphic for way in tunnel now matches speed and maintenance fixed
   ADD: avoid overcroded stops (experimental, avoid_overcrowding=1 in


The site has just been updated.

Now you can download a Simutrans version for Mac OSX via

Thanks. :)